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    Welcome to the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, Inc. 2019 Song Submission. We are the nation’s oldest gospel music convention. Founded in 1932 by the “Father of Gospel Music”, Dr. Thomas A Dorsey, we have a strong legacy of great songwriters. We appreciate your interest in contributing to this legacy.

    Please see the following guidelines for song submissions:

    • Deadline for all song submissions is April 29, 2019.
    • All styles of gospel music (traditional, contemporary, anthems, spirituals) are solicited.
    • All songs must be submitted through the convention website.
    • Please scan mp3 recordings for viruses prior to submitting. Files containing viruses will deleted and not reviewed
    • You are allowed to submit up to three songs total.
    • In order to submit music to the Youth and Young Adult Departments, you must meet the age specifics listed below.

    Please submit songs to the following departments:

    Youth Department (Ages 13-25)
    Young Adult (Ages 26-40
    Alumni Chorale
    Mass Choir
    Male Chorus
    New Music Seminar