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At the NCGCC, there are opportunities for everyone of all ages and interests to get involved. 

Regular Class Offerings & CEU Classes
AHTI Certificate Offerings
Track & Course Descriptions

AHTI Schedule of Regular Class Offerings and “CEU” Classes

Tuesday-Thursday, August 6-8, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019-Closing Ceremony/Ballroom
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. – Session I - Instructor Classroom

  • “More than Music, Its Ministry”—Rosemary Griffin, DaVinci Room 4 th Floor
  • Zumba - Linda James, Greco Room 4 th Floor
  • New Music & Choral Literature Lab—Johnny Thompson/Rodney Whitley, Ballroom
  • The Volunteer/Bi-Vocational Music Leader—Rev. Cedric Meekins, Nicolet A 5 th Floor
  • Drama in Worship—Velma Counts, Nicolet B 5 th Floor
  • Thomas A. Dorsey & African American Music - James Glover, Duluth A 5 th Floor

9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m. – Session II

  • Piano Laboratory—James Glover, Jonathan Davis, Duluth A 5 th Floor
  • Evangelism/Women’s Ministry—Rev. Loreta Garrett, DaVinci Room 4 th Floor
  • Music Ministry Leadership—Dr. Ouida Harding, Greco Room 4th Floor
  • New Music & Choral Literature Lab—Johnny Thompson/Rodney Whitley, Ballroom
  • From Idea to Print for the Next Generation Write that Book Now—Julia Royston, Nicolet A 5 th Floor
  • Spiritual Warfare in the Life of the Believer—Dr. Donna Patrick, Nicolet B 5 th Floor
  • Sacred Music in the Black Church—Rev. Gregory Nelson, Duluth B 5 th Floor

10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. – Session III

  • The Gift of Songwriting - Min. Eddie Robinson, Duluth A 5 th Floor
  • Music Is Ministry Seminar- Dr. Margaret Douroux, Ballroom
  • Pastoral Alliance Department Seminar- Dr. Kevin Parrott, Ricky Graves, Phillip Carter, Nicolet B

5th Floor

  • Sight Singing/Ear Training- Thomasena James, DaVinci Room 4th Floor
  • Praise and Worship-Dr. Clark Joseph, Greco Room 4 th Floor
  • Vocal Laboratory/Technique & Performance Dr. Gregory Hopkins, Duluth B 5 th Floor

Classroom locations and class offerings are subject to change. We appreciate your patience.

AHTI and NCGCC Office Location: Monet Room 4th Floor

AHTI Certificate Offerings

Elementary Certificate (2 Years to Complete)
Four Courses: Track One (1), Track Two (1), Track Three (1), Track Four (1)

Intermediate Certificate (2 Years to Complete)
Six Courses: Track One (2), Track Two 2), Track Three (1), Track Four (1)

Advanced Certificate (3 Years to Complete)
Eight Courses: Track One (2), Track Two (1), Track Three (1), Track Four (2), Track Six (2)

Track & Course Descriptions


Track One: Applied Music

Elementary Piano Laboratory
Various improvised keyboard styles suitable at beginners and intermediate level and an overview of various improvised keyboard styles suitable at advanced levels in a limited piano-lab setting.

More than Music, It’s Ministry
This class will identify various techniques used in having an effective choir rehearsal; develop an understanding of the appropriate responsibilities of choir members and musicians during choir rehearsals; identify and develop techniques in trouble shooting problems with the choir that causes a lack of ineffectiveness and/or progress and identify various techniques that can be utilized in rehearsals to improve the total vocal quality and performance of the choir.


Track Two: Music Theory/Content Courses

Sight-Singing/Elementary Music Theory
The study of listening for intervals, parts and production of those sounds, both vocally and with an instrument.

Drama in Worship
The class is designed to teach how to develop an effective Drama in Worship ministry in their local church and the importance of using their gifts to properly develop the concept of this ministry. Drama  and theater combined with Gospel, becomes a powerfully effective ministry tool. The class will be taught that creative arts ministry is never to be used solely to entertain or as a way to allow people to perform their talents and gifts from God, but to use those creative gifts as and outreach and in reach tools for the soul purpose of equipping the saints, evangelizing the sinners and exalting the Savior. 

Areas of teaching: 
Overview of Drama in Worship and developing an established Actor’s Guild. Departments: playwriting, easy stage lighting, act and re-act, theatrical makeup, sound and effects and writing skills.

The Gift of Song Writing
This is an introductory survey course of teaching mechanics for songwriting, scoring, lyrics, voicing, etc.

Music Ministry Leadership
What are the three classifications for those who lead music in the Black Church? What is the difference between a Music Ministry and a Music Department, and what exactly, IS a Minister of Music?

This is an examination of some of the conflict in this area of Ministry and offers biblical and cultural suggestions to help bring about working solutions to worshipping Congregations regardless of denomination.

Dorsey & NCGCC, Inc. History Overview
This course will give you the history of the greatest convention in the world.

Track Three: Performance

An aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of music.

New Music/Choral Literature Presentation
This course will cover selected gospel music provided by the Mass Choir Coordinator and other S-A-T-B choral music from convention writers. The participants should be prepared to purchase music from the writers and presenters. This class is emphasizing diverse genres of music. All participants are asked to come prepared to do sight reading for covering the songs.

Track Four: Worship & Discipleship Studies

Sacred Music in the Black Church
The purpose of this course is to address a concern that our music in the Black Church is becoming more “secular” than “sacred”. This course will look at several genres of music used in the Black Church to see if it measures up to the spiritual, biblical and theological mandates to be called “sacred”.

Praise & Worship Seminar
This course is designated to address biblical supported worship and praise components and characteristics as applicable to any ecclesiastical service of adoration and homage to God.

From Idea to Print for the Next Generation: Write that Book Now
Have you ever wanted to write a book that will be read by future generations? Author and Publisher, Julia Royston, will give you a tour of the writing and publishing process as well as answer your questions to create a book that will leave a legacy.

Evangelism & Women’s Ministry
Evangelism is an overview class emphasizing the steps and guidelines for discipling the lost. Women’s Ministry is designed for women who have been called into ministry or are considering their calling. We will discuss the rewards, problems and opposition we face in trying to be obedient to the voice of God. We will also discuss ministering God’s Word without losing who we really are in the process, WOMEN.

Spiritual Warfare in the Life of the Believer
The objective of this course is to help students reorganize elements of Spiritual Warfare in everyday life.

Track Five: (CEU) Evangelical Training Association & Washington Theological  Seminary

Understanding Music & Worship (3 Years) Section A, B
This class is designed to discuss, review, look at past and present practices related to the following chapters.

  1. The Rational for Studying Music & Worship
  2. Worship & The Great Commission
  3. Old Testament Foundations
  4. New Testament Foundations
  5. A.D 300 to 19th Century
  6. 1800 to the Present
  7. Principles of Renewing Worship & Music
  8. Building an Effective Program of Music & Worship
  9. Resources Music & Worship. This class uses the text, resources and syllabus developed by the Evangelical Training Association C

The Volunteer/Bi-Vocational Leader (3 Years) A, B, C
A guide to using the hymnal creatively. This class uses the material and content from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Educational curricula. Please bring your Hymnal if possible.

Advanced Vocal Laboratory (3 Years) A, B, C
This course designed to give the student vocal techniques to enhance their vocal performance.

Track Six: Administrative/Staff, Leader & Officer Development


Basic Parliamentary Procedures/Robert’s Rule of Order
Participants will discuss and review basic principles and rules for conducting meetings as defined by best practices interpreting Roberts’ Rules of Order.

NCGCC By-Laws Overview (Articles)
A review and critique of our adopted 2012/13 Bylaws Article by Article to discuss implementation using best practices and to determine needed updates/changes proven by present usage.

Understanding NCGCC Executive Leadership Teams (A-E)
A basic review and discussion of Teams A- E and the assigned officers for each team with supporting job descriptions.

Developing Healthy Unions & Chapters
Establishing and teaching survival support strategies for union/chapter growth. Data reviews for next steps needed from National level.