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At the NCGCC, there are opportunities for everyone of all ages and interests to get involved. 

NCGCC Departments

Artelia Hutchins Training Institute (AHTI)
Founded in 1950 by Artelia Hutchins, our institute prepares future leaders in churches and the gospel music industry. With some 30 course offerings today, AHTI educates and nurtures members in vocal and instrumental performance. In addition, it offers classes in choral directing, computer literacy, conducting seminars and lecturing, ministerial growth, and choral-union leadership. AHTI provides professional certifications for some courses as a member of Chorus American, Inc. There are two additional components of AHTI - Pastoral Alliance and the Summer Camp

Pastoral Alliance Department (PAD)
The NCGCC has a large constituency of pastors, ministers, and evangelist who support and regularly attend the convention. We recognize the importance of the unity between the “Message and the Music.”  PAD is the training arm for them. Its mission is to enhance positive relationships between the music department, pastors, and the preaching ministry. Members compile a database as a resource for upcoming conventions, lecturers, and potential presenters of the workshop. PAD requires interested clergy to forward their resume for its resource directory.

NCGCC Summer Camp
The Summer Camp is a 5-day FREE program (Monday – Friday) designed to expose youth in the local, hosting area of the convention to Gospel music in an educational, exciting, dynamic, fun-filled Christian atmosphere. Youth ages 6-18 have a blast at this camp!

Singing Departments

Carol E. Hayes Pre-Teen Department (ages 3-12)
This department offers preteens an opportunity to experience the many facets of choral singing, directing, instrumentation, composing and performing arts, with an emphasis on the ministry of gospel music. In addition, it trains them in proper etiquette and decorum in a Christian setting. Other activities offered includes biblical games, quizzes, and an outing to a local sightseeing attraction. Friday afternoon of the convention, NCGCC features the preteens in a musical production showcasing their learnings from the week. We recognize the importance of investing in our children. We want them to grow from their experiences with us and make major contributions to this rich legacy. More Info

Bishop Kenneth H. Moales Sr. Youth and Young Adult Department (YYA) (ages 13-26)
The YYA department is an integral part of the NCGCC experience. This department encourages young songwriters, directors, musicians and singers to utilize their gifts and talents. Additional activities include quiz competitions, a banquet and fashion show, debutantes and beaus, and an outing to a local sightseeing attraction. Friday evening of the convention, the YYA is featured in concert with trophies awarded for both song and director of the year. The YYA department has helped foster the careers of many notable persons such as Reverend James Cleveland, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, the O’Neill Twins, Donald Lawrence, Rodney Posey, and so many more. More Info

Young Adult Department (YAD) (ages 27 and older)
YAD is a valued component for the newer generations of musicians, singers and composers, specially organized and designed to bridge the gap in transitioning from the YYA to another musical experience. These young adults serve as mentors to the YYA, providing stability and cohesiveness particularly for those set to transition from YYA. Mindful of their roots, the YAD focuses on contemporary gospel music and worship, and arts performance from a slightly modern-day genre. They are featured in concert Tuesday evening of the convention.

Alumni Chorale (AL) (ages 27 and older)
AL exemplifies the high standard of excellence in gospel music. Similar to the YAD, its members have experienced the training and guidance found in the rich legacy of the NCGCC. Made up of over 150 members, the chorale provides a variety of gospel music, including spirituals, blues, and traditional gospel. AL is featured in concert Wednesday evening. More Info

Thomas A. Dorsey Mass Choir (all ages)
Mass Choir is the longest-standing singing entity within the NCGCC. It promotes the idea that there are no generation gaps in worship through song. All ages combine for a “mass” choir representing the synergy among the singing departments. The music experience truly exemplifies “making a joyful noise together.”  Music compositions from world-renowned gospel songwriters, musicians, and singers are featured during the choir’s concert on Thursday evening. Featuring a full repertoire of gospel music, there is something for everyone. More Info

Thomas A. Dorsey Mass Choir

all ages // in concert
thursday of convention week

All ages combine for a mass choir representing all of the departments of our convention, culminating in a Thursday night concert during the convention week. The works of our very talented musicians, songwriters and singers continue to expand in this choir.

Carol E. Hayes Pre-teen Department

ages 3 - 12 // in concert
friday of convention week

The primary focus is to train children how to follow directorship, and learn music as well as Christian behavior in the church. Pre-teens learn how to direct the choir, sing solos, and present a play featuring their talents. Pre-teens also participate in a Banquet and fashion show.

On the Friday evening of the convention, the pre-teens will begin the final night of the convention with a musical production showcasing actors, actresses, directors and soloists from within the department.

Bishop Kenneth H. Moales Sr. Youth and Young Adult Department

YYA ages 13 - 25 // in concert
Friday of convention week

The primary focus of YYA is to train and encourage young songwriters, directors, musicians and singers to utilize their God-given talents to his glory. Additional activities include the YYA Night of Worship, banquet with a fashion show, debutantes, and an outing. Trophies are also given for song of the year and director of the year.

Friday at the convention is the YYA department’s evening, climaxing the year's session. It begins with the debutantes walk followed by a concert featuring original compositions from within the department.

Alumni Chorale

ages 26 - 50 // in concert
Wednesday of convention week

After graduating from the YYA department, our young people continue their music ministry in this group and are a part of the parent body.

Wednesday is Alumni Chorale day at the annual convention and the Alumni Chorale is featured in full concert that evening.


singing auxiliaries

This all-men’s choir is a wonderful asset to our convention. MENCGCC is open to all men who enjoy singing and the spirit of brotherhood. The chorale consists of musicians, choir directors, composers and songwriters inspired to enhance their craft while encouraging other men to become a part of spreading the Good News in a spirit of unity and excellence.

This all-women’s choir is a new music ministry on the horizon. While we hear women sing frequently, we rarely hear them singing alone. WOMENCGCC provides an opportunity to allow women to sing and fellowship in a time where compassion, care, and concern is needed. Additionally, it features a platform that supports and promotes choral works written by women. NCGCC is fortunate to have women from various ministries and cultures. Combining the skills of musicians, singers, and choir directors with experiences will add balance to the NCGCC music experience. Stay tuned for the start date of what will be an exciting musical collaboration.

The Heritage Voices
Traditional Gospel Music is alive and well at NCGCC. This new choir, a most valued entity within our convention, is dedicated to singing “the golden strands” of Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey. Members of The Heritage Voices are comprised mainly of our “senior saints”. However, anyone who wants to connect with our roots and the music of our founder, Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey, is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Soloist Bureau
The Soloist Bureau is designed to support and enhance the development of individuals who desire to be the best soloist possible. Here, new talent is discovered and enhanced under the leadership of trained vocal coaches as well as experienced soloists. Participating members can experience one-on-one assistance and guidance in a master-class setting. Each soloist must present throughout the week and a “Soloist of the Year” is selected. The opportunity to share with fellow soloists and gain knowledge from their experiences adds immense value to the class.

Praise and Worship Team (PWT)
PWT is comprised of various members of the NCGCC. Gain experience leading/participating in setting the atmosphere for worship services throughout the convention week. Members of the Praise Team must exemplify the spirit of servanthood. A request for volunteers is sent annually to choral unions prior to the annual convention.

other auxiliaries

Supervisor’s Guild
The Supervisor’s Guild monitors the pre-teens and YYA as they function within the convention, as well as within the choral unions. Many youth and young adults attend NCGCC without their parents. Supervisors are invaluable to the overall well-being of the youth while in their care. Supervisors ensure that children have the necessities to attend the annual convention as well as the training to participate in the assigned activities.

Nurses Guild
Throughout the convention week, members of the nursing profession support NCGCC by providing care, when required, for attendees. Members of the guild, both male and female, possess the required training, certification, and experience to help and address the basic, physical needs of members of our convention as well as our guests during their stay. In addition, they help members seek specialized assistance of other medical services and professionals, when warranted.

Ushers Guild
The Usher Ministry serves as the first point of contact for delegates and guests as they enter our worship services, musicals, and concerts. Their mission is to meet, greet, and seat our delegates and guests in the name of the Lord with a warm welcome and smile.

Security and Safety Team
National President, Dr. Marabeth Gentry and the Board of Directors hold each member’s safety in the highest regard. As such, the security and safety team assesses the systems of security at every venue. Its objective is to defer, delay, detect, and deny the opportunity of unsafe scenarios from occurring. NCGCC adopts the principle, “If You See Something, Say Something.”