National Convention
of Gospel Choirs & Choruses

Choral Unions

How to Join or Start a Choral Union

If you would like to become a member of NCGCC, we have over 45 choral unions established throughout the following geographical regions: Great Lakes, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest. Please see the union listing below to contact a union near you!

If you are interested starting a choral union as an affiliate of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs & Choruses, Inc., please contact National Union Organizer Mrs. Bessie Palmer.

Great Lakes Region

RegionUnion or Chapter NameCityStateEmail
Great LakesBuffalo Choral
Great LakesGoodwill Musical
Great LakesGreater Allegheny Choral
Great LakesGreater Cleveland Choral
Great LakesGreater Pittsburgh Gospel Choral Union,;
Great LakesNiagara Falls Gospel Choral UnionNiagara
Great LakesToledo Interfaith Mass

Midwest Region

RegionUnion or Chapter NameCityStateEmail
MidwestChoraleers Of St.;
MidwestGreater Cincinnati Choral
MidwestGreater Indianapolis Gospel Choral
MidwestGreater Milwaukee Choral
MidwestLouisville Gospel Choral
MidwestMetropolitan Gospel Music
MidwestNorthern Indiana Voices of Hope Choral Union​South
MidwestSouth Bend Gospel Choral UnionSouth
MidwestSt. Louis Gospel Choral
MidwestT. A. Dorsey Chicago Choral
MidwestTri-State Choral;

Northeast Region

RegionUnion or Chapter NameCityStateEmailAddress
NortheastBridgeport Gospel Choral;
NortheastChesapeake Choral
NortheastDistrict of Columbia Choral
NortheastFlorence Broaddus Faith Choral Chapter, Inc.PhiladelphiaPArichardbrowniii@aol.com4947 Walnut St, 19139
NortheastGarden State Choral
NortheastGospel Music Preservation Alliance,
NortheastGreater Baltimore Fellowship Choral
NortheastGreater Connecticut Choral
NortheastGreater New York Choral
NortheastSongs of Solomon Choral UnionNew;
NortheastThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts Choral
NortheastThe Harlem
NortheastWashington Unity Choral

Southeast Region

RegionUnion or Chapter NameCityStateEmailAddressName
SoutheastColumbia Metropolitan Choral Chapter
SoutheastFlorida Gospel Music & Arts; 1floridagospelmusic@gmail
SoutheastGaston County Choral
SoutheastGreater Georgia Choral
SoutheastMississippi Magnolia Choral
SoutheastNorth and Central Georgia Concert
SoutheastNorth Carolina Northern ChapterMooresvilleNCevgdr.lrolle@gmail.com239 Alexandria Drive, 28115Evangelist Dr. Linda Rolle, President
SoutheastOrangeburg Gospel Choral
SoutheastRaleigh-Durham Triangle
SoutheastSandra Johnson Wansley Choral;
SoutheastSouth Florida Choral
SoutheastTidewater Gospel Choral UnionVirginia;
SoutheastTuscaloosa Community Heritage,
SoutheastVilla Rica T.A.D. Birthplace ChoirVilla

Southwest Region

RegionUnion or Chapter NameCityStateEmail
SouthwestGreater San Antonio “Alamo City” NCGCC Choral UnionSan,
SouthwestKLB Musicians Alliance NCGCC;
SouthwestMetropolitan Choral Union Las VegasLas
SouthwestOne Dallas Metropolitan Choral

Union/Chapter Assessments

Union/Chapter Presidents and Financial Representatives – As a reminder, NCGCC unions and chapters must be in good standing financially in order for its members and delegates to participate in NCGCC activities. The 2022 Union/Chapter assessment is $1000.00. As a means of relief, we kept the assessment fee at the same amount as it was in 2019 in light of the impact of the national pandemic.  NCGCC requires you pay at least $500.00 (five hundred dollars) of the assessment by April 13, 2022 in order to have voting privileges at the National Board Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. 

And for your convenience, we offer three payment-plan options: 

  • Option 1 (one payment) – one full payment of $1000.00 by Wednesday, April 13, 2022. 

  • Option 2 (two equal installments) – a $500.00 payment completed by April 13, 2022 and another $500.00 completed by June 15, 2022. 

  • Option 3 (four equal installments) – two payments of $250.00 each ($500.00 total) completed by April 13, 2022, and the remaining two payments of $250.00 each ($500.00 total) completing the $1000.00 by June 15, 2022. 

The full balance of $1000.00 is required to participate as NCGCC members at the Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida; otherwise members will have to pay the visitor rate (or the difference of the visitor rate if they registered before June 15, 2022).   Visit Or, you may pay by check or money order and mail it to the lockbox address: NCGCC, Inc., P.O. Box 874, Clinton, Maryland 20735.

Please make all checks and money orders payable to “NCGCC” and include the words “2022 Union Assessment” in the memo section. Please feel free to contact the Finance Team ( or Registrar ( if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, please stay safe and well, and we look forward to serving you!