Summer Camp

Youth, have a blast with friends your age in the NCGCC Summer Camp

The National Convention of Gospel Choirs & Choruses (NCGCC)  Summer Camp is a 5-day FREE summer camp program from August 6-10, 2018 with the sole purpose of exposing you to Gospel music in an educational, exciting, dynamic, fun-filled Christian atmosphere. Led by a professional Christian staff, it is a great way to benefit from the fun of having a camp experience, for ages 6-18 living in the Dallas area.

Expect to have
an Amazing Time


Explore the world of Gospel Music

The NCGCC  Summer Camp is open to musicians, singers, songwriter, and directors who want instruction in biblical foundations for worship, vocal techniques, style, improvisation, performance skills, and singing with a group.


Participate in the pre-teen or youth & young adult choir

Enjoy daily rehearsals with the NCGCC Pre-teen and Youth and Young Adult departments. You will participate in the choir to learn concepts of music, enjoying a week of rehearsing, learning more about Gospel music and worship, and making new friends.


Be blessed by the showcase of talent

NCGCC Summer Camp gives you an experience you can't find anywhere else. Even better, this experience is intentionally crafted to help you grow spiritually. This is an opportunity to witness Gospel music at its finest.


We'd love for you to participate

Take the NCGCC Summer Camp experience home with you

As an NCGCC Summer Camper, you will go back to your church choirs, praise teams, high schools, college Gospel choirs and Gospel groups excited and inspired to sing a new song and understand the meaning of what you are singing about. You will enjoy the fellowship and will find new friends from across the country who share the love Gospel music.

A registration form is required for enrollment. If you need additional information, please email with questions.