Dr. Marabeth Gentry
Dr. Marabeth GentryNCGCC President
Greetings and blessings to our NCGCC family and the Gospel music community. As we celebrate our 82nd year, we’re asking for your continued prayers and support. I truly feel that our founder, Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey and my beloved predecessor, Bishop Kenneth H. Moales, Sr., are proud of our efforts to keep their legacies alive and the Lord in front of us. We are remembering and proud of our past, excited about the present, and embracing the future. As Dr. Dorsey penned in song, Jesus brought us all the way!
Min. Derrick E. Roberts
Min. Derrick E. RobertsChairman of the Board
It is in a spirit of commitment, excellence, and miraculous anticipation that I greet you as Chairman of the Board of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses. Our convention was established on the principles that God’s music must carry a message that perpetuates the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today we embrace new opportunities with the same message and with a greater fervor. If you are looking for the manifestation of God through song, look no further! Let your searching end and your journey begin!

Our Mission

The mission of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses is to better the Christian singer, instrumentalist, educator or leader; to enable the prepared Gospel ambassador; and to spiritually motivate everyone to live the message of the Gospel song. Our goal is to foster an appreciation of Gospel music and to develop the spiritual growth of our membership.


Alumni Chorale (ages 26-50)

After graduating from the YYA department, our young people continue their music ministry in this group and are a part of the parent body. Wednesday is Alumni Chorale day at the annual convention and the Alumni Chorale is featured in full concert that evening.

Artelia Hutchins Training Institute (AHTI)

All ages are encouraged to be participants in our school. There are courses offered in voice, piano, organ, and all phases of gospel music. “each class is designed for the improvements of the quality of the church program with special emphasis given to the Gospel music ministry.”

The Artelia Hutchins Training Institute was founded in 1950 by the late Mrs. Artelia W. Hutchins, who hailed from Michigan state.  It was first known as The Leadership School and later renamed for it’s founder and first Dean, Mrs. Hutchins. Mrs. Hutchins was also a First Vice President of NCGCC, Inc. Mrs. Hutchins and the Late Dr. Dorsey wrote the well known “God Be With You” found in many hymnals including one of our latest, the African American Heritage Hymnal. Mrs. Dorothy Pearson of Philadelphia, PA served as the Assistant Dean and taught the Voice Class. Early training classes and persons teaching them included: Evangelist Willie May Ford Smith (St. Louis, MO) Evangelism 1; Rev. James C. Cummings -Bridgeport, CN ( Evangelism 2);  Magnolia Laury – St. Louis,, MO (Worship);  A. D. Windom – St. Louis, MO (Piano); Rev. Bernard  Battle – Washington, DC (Stewardship);  George Colin – Cincinnati, OH (Hymnology); Mrs. Mabel Moore served as the Recording Secretary through the late 1980’s. Mrs. Ophelia Wooten of Washington, DC served as the Assistant Recording Secretary. Mrs.. Fannie Foster of St. Louis, MO served as the coordinator of the Friday promotional services.  Some of he  Persons who have served as Deans of the Institute includes : Rev. Earl Preston (Cleveland, OH), Dr.Leroy Whitehead (Cincinnati, OH), Mrs. Rosemary Griffin (Orangeburg, SC). The present leadership includes  Dr. Ulysses G. Moye, II, who served as the Assistant Dean from 1989- 1996 and then became the Dean 1996 to present and has had the longest tenure in that position of  Deanship, 17 years. The Assistant Dean presently is Rev. Cedric N. Meekins who has served in that capacity since 2007. Elder Kirk Massey, Rev. Dr. Maurice “Dean” Johnson, Ms. Lillian Campbell, and Rev. Eddie Robinson have served as Department Heads of AHTI.  Deidra Newsome,  Doris Dickerson, Patty Young,  Bryan Isabel and Jackie Sampson and  many others   have served as Administrative Assistants and record keepers over many years. Highlights of the expansion of AHTI has included the introduction of Technology to the NCGCC, Inc. by providing classes in Basic Computer Literacy classes, Computer Literacy for Seniors, Hosting Seminar & Lecture  Sessions, Ministerial Alliance component, Union Presidents’ Leadership classes,  Introduced & Established the NCGCC, Inc. Website, (Tracey Garner, Desi Campbell & Alethea Dupree as Web Masters), Continuing Education Proposal for Certification, Partnership & Membershp with Chorus American, Inc. to highlight a few.  AHTI has expanded its classes to some 30 plus course offerings each convention session.

Carol E. Hayes Pre-teen Department (ages 3-12)

The primary focus is to train children how to follow directorship, and learn music as well as Christian behavior in the church. Pre-teens learn how to direct the choir, sing solos, and present a play featuring their talents. Pre-teens also participate in a Bible study/quiz and fashion show. An outing is scheduled for the pre-teens at various local sightseeing attractions. On the Thursday evening of the convention, the pre-teens will have a musical production showcasing actors, actresses, directors and soloists from within the department.

Pastoral Alliance Department (P.A.D..)

This department’s mission is to enhance positive relationships between the music department, pastors and the preaching ministry. We are working to compile a database including pastors, ministers and evangelists. This database will be used as a resource for upcoming conventions, lecturers and potential presenters of the workshop. We are requesting resumes from all pastors, ministers, and evangelists for this purpose. Please forward resumes to: Minister Albert L. Morgan, P.A.D. Chairman, Union Baptist Temple, P.O. Box 683, Bridgeton, NJ 08303. This department is currently under AHTI as a component.

Soloist Bureau

The Soloist Bureau is for that individual who desires to be the best soloist they can be, this group helps to discover new talent that can be enhanced by their chance to do services for the Lord via the soloist bureau. Soloists have a chance to sing during the many scheduled events during the convention week.

Supervisor’s Guild

The Supervisor’s Guild’s responsibility is to train our young people at different stages of their youth, to carry out the mission of promoting a Christ-like character in all phases of their Gospel music ministry.

Thomas A. Dorsey Mass Choir

All ages combine for a mass choir representing all of the departments of our convention, climaxing the annual convention week with a grand finale concert. The works of our very talented musicians, songwriters and singers continue to expand in this choir.

Youth And Young Adult

The primary focus is to train and encourage young songwriters, directors, musicians and singers to utilize their God-given talents to his glory. Additional activities include a Bible quiz, banquet with a fashion show, debutantes, and an outing. Trophies are also given for song of the year and director of the year. Thursday at the convention is the youth and young adult department’s evening. It begins with the debutantes walk followed by a concert featuring original compositions from within the department.


The Heritage Voices: a new choir dedicated to singing “the golden strands of Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey. This choir is for people, especially seniors, who want to sing Dr. Dorsey’s music only.”

Nurses Guild

Ushers Guild: The Usher Ministry serves as the first point of contact for delegates and guests as they enter into our worship services, musicals and concerts. Our mission is to meet, greet and seat our delegates and guests in the Name of the Lord with a warm welcome and smile.  For more information contact Julia Johnson, Usher Coordinator.

President Council (Joshua Gentry Choir)


Transition/Leadership Team (Ad Hoc Auxillary): Dr. Ulysses Moye, II – Chairman